Sunday, July 6, 2014


 "Always a Work in Progress"

Ok, here is the story.  I am always looking for a way to get better organization.  I am a long way from where I want to be but, I thought I would share where I am at.  

This first option is an old greenbar printer stand.  My company was going to trash this.  SCORE!  Look outside of the box when thinking of storage and organization.

I have my Sizzix on top, followed by my Cricut Cartridge Organizers (show later), then my Cricut, Printer and Sewing Machine.  This really saves a lot of room.  I am working on possibly painting it black as that is most of my decor.

I love cases with lots of squares to put my embellishments in.  This one holds my CTMH embellishments, I have the name of the color in the cubby so I can stay color coordinated.

 I hang my cutting mats on the wall and my ribbon holder next to it. I find this is the best option for cutting mats.

This is one of my favorites it is the standard storage drawers that are sold all over.  I love it because...

It holds these little boxes that I also got from a business that was tossing them.  They get items shipped in them and then toss them, so I got quite a supply.  You can open the drawer and see everything separated.

 I have been a stamper for a few years, so I used to buy wood stamps.  I am now sold on CTMH acrylics.  so I will show you how to store those a little later.  I noticed when my woods were in a drawer  I would forget what I had and not use them.  So I put them on this DVD shelf and now I am always looking at them and use them more often.

Never underestimate the power of pegboard.  You can not beat the price of the amount of organization you can get from a 2 by 4 foot piece of pegboard.  You can always change it around, add or remove items.

I love cricut cartridges but hate how much room the boxes took up so I got these and they stack together and fit on my printer stand.

I love a good book shelf.  I use lots of baskets and cases and stack them on the book shelf.  When it is in eye site I investigate and use it!

This is another of my favorites, the CTMH ink/marker case.  Being able to see my inks and markers at glance let's me decide my colors easily.  Plus it has a handle and I can carry them from room to room.

This is one of the funniest.  I use one of those jewelry holders to hold my punches.

Now for my acrylic stamps I use these storage boxes from CTMH.  Each one hold between 12 to 15 stamps sets.  I am in the process of creating nice tags to label each of the boxes.

My all time favorite project for organization is my paper storage rack.  I bought cube sets from Walmart and zip ties and created this 3 column paper holder.  Because it is 3 columns it more stable than just a single tower.  I put the shelves in different directions to help sort and a couple of them hollow to hold my albums.

So this is where my room is right now.  Next?  I have taken a picture of each of my acrylic stamp sets and plan to put them in a photo album with organizing tabs, so I can page through to see and remember what I have. After that the woods.

Thanks for checking out how the Gigi Zone organizes.

Send me your suggestions or let me see what you have done.

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Have a crafting good week.