Friday, September 30, 2011

Sale! One of my favorite words. Only till Sunday

So here is the sale story.  Well everyone was buzzing on my SOC site about the new E2 which HSN was showing.  Suddenly the conversation changed to the Gypsy, and what a great tool it was.  It allows you to anchor your items so they touch or overlay onto an item.  But what sealed the deal for me was the thought that I could use it while riding in the car with my husband.  I usually bring a stack of magazines when we drive, we live out in the country and most things are at least 45 to 60 minutes away.  but, the Gypsy is portable.

So I searched around and found the best deal.  This deal is only good till Sunday. has the Gypsy combo and a free cartridge.  I only paid 8 dollars shipping and no sales tax for me.

The Combo you get...
     Silicone Sleeve
     Car Charger
     Cord for cartridge
     Cord for Cricut connection
     3 stylus pens
     Loaded with 2 Gypsie carts
     Destination Cartridge
     Free Cupcake catridge for spending 40$
     Total price was $99

    This is an outstanding price.  Hurry and get yours, Cricut told me it was only until Sunday.  I will fill you in when I get mine.

Scrapingly yours,


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Happy News!

Hi All,

I am excited!  As some of you know I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a binding machine.  Well I researched and decided I wanted the new Cinch, it has been recommended by friends so I decided to do it.  Till..... I looked at the price and the least expensive price I had found was 109.00 at Joann's. As we all know we have more stuff that we don't use I was not in a hurry to make such a large purchase until I was sure I was going to use it.

Occasionally I had seen it on sale for 25 to 40% off. So the best price had been in the 70's.  I received an email from Joann's that they were having a 2 day special for $.99 shipping.  I generally think their normal shipping is a little on the high side.  So I took at look and to my surprise the Cinch was 50% off that was $54.00.  WOW!  I put it right in my shopping card.  While I was continually shopping around I notice the price change to only 25% off on the website. 

I rushed and clicked on my cart and there the price was still 50% off.  After I finished my shopping I proceeded to checkout, and got the Cinch at 50% off. 

The moral of the story,  If you see a good price stick it in your cart, because Joann's will honor the price that it was at the time you added it to your cart, even if the price changes while your shopping. Whoo Hoo!

I will let you know when I received it and use it.

Scrappingly yours,


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Pretty as a Peacock

Hello All,

Stamping doesn't have to be expensive.  I purchased  a clear stamp set of a Peacock and Peacock feathers at an amazing deal.  Such a good deal that I bought 2, (be on alert some SOC member will be getting RAK'd).  What I already had on hand, Block embossing ink, clear embossing powder, misc bling (I got free in something that I normally would have thrown away if I weren't a paper crafter), also blue and black card stock.

I stamped the Peacock with Black embossing ink and embossed with clear embossing powder and a heating tool.  I stamped the large peacock feathers with black ink, and cut is in half and added the bling.  I layer the peacock as well as the feathers stamped on blue layered with black then blue, place on a black card.  I place a layer of Blue inside of the card.   I attached the peacock across the opening with dimension foam on one side and a magnet set on the other to allow it to open. 

What do you think?  Is it pretty as a peacock?

Look at what you have on hand, and enjoy using all the supplies you have collected.  Have a great week.

Scrappingly yours,


Friday, September 9, 2011

I found the 2 best organization tools to date.

This is it. I do think these are the two best organizing ideas I have come across so far.   I love this paper organization.  I wish I could take credit for this but I can't.  I actually found this idea on YouTube.  It starts with purchasing a package of four wire cubes that you put together.  I purchased 6 packs.  I wanted black, I found them on line at for about $20.00 ea.

17 15x15 wire squares come in a pack.  Decide the shape and put them together.  I chose to create 6 squares. A few of these I saw put together on line looked a little shaky, so I used heavy duty zip ties to reinforce the frame.  This takes some time but it is well worth it, it is very sturdy after this.  I used about 50 zip ties.  Once the frame is together use the balance of the wire panels and lighter weight zip ties to create shelves.  You can have as many as eight shelves per cube not counting the top and bottom.  Most cubes I put eight shelves, some a put 2 to 4.  Currently I have 7 panels left that I haven't decided on how to use.  I used about 150 small zip ties.  The more you use the more reinforced and sturdy it will be.  It is well worth the time and effort. 

The next organization tool is super easy.  I bought a pegboard kit again from Walmart, this was in store sold out on line.  It was black plastic pegboard. 4 1ft x 2ft panels total space 2ft x 4 ft for $24.95.  It comes with a number of pegs,  I did not use the red plastic bins, I bought 3 black wire bins about $3 each.  Screw it into the wall, insert the pegs an organize!

So these are best finds for organizing.  Do you have any ideas?  If you decide to try these out let me know how they work for you.  Now that I can see what I have, maybe I will actually get some scrapping done. 

Scrappingly yours,