Sunday, July 6, 2014


 "Always a Work in Progress"

Ok, here is the story.  I am always looking for a way to get better organization.  I am a long way from where I want to be but, I thought I would share where I am at.  

This first option is an old greenbar printer stand.  My company was going to trash this.  SCORE!  Look outside of the box when thinking of storage and organization.

I have my Sizzix on top, followed by my Cricut Cartridge Organizers (show later), then my Cricut, Printer and Sewing Machine.  This really saves a lot of room.  I am working on possibly painting it black as that is most of my decor.

I love cases with lots of squares to put my embellishments in.  This one holds my CTMH embellishments, I have the name of the color in the cubby so I can stay color coordinated.

 I hang my cutting mats on the wall and my ribbon holder next to it. I find this is the best option for cutting mats.

This is one of my favorites it is the standard storage drawers that are sold all over.  I love it because...

It holds these little boxes that I also got from a business that was tossing them.  They get items shipped in them and then toss them, so I got quite a supply.  You can open the drawer and see everything separated.

 I have been a stamper for a few years, so I used to buy wood stamps.  I am now sold on CTMH acrylics.  so I will show you how to store those a little later.  I noticed when my woods were in a drawer  I would forget what I had and not use them.  So I put them on this DVD shelf and now I am always looking at them and use them more often.

Never underestimate the power of pegboard.  You can not beat the price of the amount of organization you can get from a 2 by 4 foot piece of pegboard.  You can always change it around, add or remove items.

I love cricut cartridges but hate how much room the boxes took up so I got these and they stack together and fit on my printer stand.

I love a good book shelf.  I use lots of baskets and cases and stack them on the book shelf.  When it is in eye site I investigate and use it!

This is another of my favorites, the CTMH ink/marker case.  Being able to see my inks and markers at glance let's me decide my colors easily.  Plus it has a handle and I can carry them from room to room.

This is one of the funniest.  I use one of those jewelry holders to hold my punches.

Now for my acrylic stamps I use these storage boxes from CTMH.  Each one hold between 12 to 15 stamps sets.  I am in the process of creating nice tags to label each of the boxes.

My all time favorite project for organization is my paper storage rack.  I bought cube sets from Walmart and zip ties and created this 3 column paper holder.  Because it is 3 columns it more stable than just a single tower.  I put the shelves in different directions to help sort and a couple of them hollow to hold my albums.

So this is where my room is right now.  Next?  I have taken a picture of each of my acrylic stamp sets and plan to put them in a photo album with organizing tabs, so I can page through to see and remember what I have. After that the woods.

Thanks for checking out how the Gigi Zone organizes.

Send me your suggestions or let me see what you have done.

Remember you can talk to me for all your Close to My Heart needs

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Celebrate 30 with Close to My Heart

Just wanted to share this months special.  Take a look.  I'm having a drawing for a free stamp set.  Any one placing an online order in June will be eligible.

Email me with questions.

Craftingly yours,


Celebrate 30 with Close to My Heart

Just wanted to share this months special.  Take a look.  I'm having a drawing for a free stamp set.  Any one placing an online order in June will be eligible.

Email me with questions.

Craftingly yours,


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Spotlight on the United Kingdom Anita & Zoe

Anyone for a spot of tea?

I saw these and was amazed at how cute and realistic they are.  Maybe because I love china, old, new, hand painted, it doesn't matter.  I just love china. 

Anita and Zoe are sisters.  They live in Leicester in the UK, they have both been crafting for a few years.

The decided to get together at the beginning of this years, as two heads are better than one.  They bounce ideas off of one another have come up with some great projects.

Zoe loves coloring in and making cards with digi stamps, Anita has a silhouette cameo and just loves making 3d projects.  They both do different projects but get together to bling up their items and comment on each others work, then the ideas just start popping.  They now have a page on Facebook called "Exleybees Handmade Cards and Boxes".  They hope to have a web page sometime this year.

I don't know about you but I am ready for a cup of tea.

Thanks for stopping by the Gigi Zone.

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gigi Spot Light - Sweden - Christina Hagstrom

"Hello Sweden"

Tina Hagstrom

If you are a paper crafter and in groups on fb or follow blogs there is no way you haven't see the card boxes that have been posted.  Tina seems to have mastered this.  I was really impressed with the theme of her boxes.  Her art and colors reach out, draw you in and make you want to hear a story the card is telling.

Please enjoy her work.

Her friends call her Tina, Christina Hagström, lives in Gothenburg, Sweden.  She has been a crafter all of her life, but a paper crafter since 2005.

She mostly makes cards but she also love making boxes and other things.  She is a stamp designer and a design team member of Vilda Stamps (


If you like to see more of Tina's creations, visit her blog:

I hope you enjoyed.  If you would like a change of being on the Gigi Zone spotlight, please submit a sample of your work and a short bio by email to

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Welcome to the Gigi Zone's Spotlight

 "Hello United Kingdom"

As promised I am starting Gigi Zone's Crafter Spotlight.  This Spotlight is for a artist that caught my attention with the amazing flowers she creates.  They took my breath away and I wanted to share her work.  She is from the United Kingdom,  I am happy to share what crafters are doing all over the world as well as in the US.  Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

Annie Christie lives near Halstead, Essex, United Kingdom. She loves making cards and has been making them for about 7 years. She has tried various techniques but now is mostly enjoying die cutting.  She likes the clean crispness and the professional accurate finish you get at the end. 

Her favorite cards to make are for Women as she enjoys decorating her cards with pretty papers, flowers, ribbons, lace and pearls.  She loves nature and that’s why she likes incorporating flowers into her work.  The flowers make her happy and she hopes that they do the same for the recipient.  She doesn't know a lady who doesn’t just love flowers and the thought of bringing a smile to someone’s face as they open one of her cards is her aim!  She does make cards for all occasions, celebrations,  men and children too. 

Annie runs classes for some wonderful ladies, they have a fabulous time, welcoming new friends, enjoying each others company, having a giggle, sharing their thoughts and generally just being happy!!! There are never enough hours in the day to craft, it is very addictive and very good for the soul!

She also produces and sells card packs which can by made in the style of those shown on her website.   If you would like any further information, Annie on her website

Sunday, February 23, 2014


There are going to be a couple of changes at the   As most of you know I am a Close to My Heart Consultant but that is not what the Gigi Zone is all about.  I love CTMH products of course they are the best and that is why I sell them.  But above all I am a paper crafter.  I love paper crafts.  All kinds with all products.  My blog has always focused on projects and challenges.  I will continue this, you will also always be able to purchase CTMH products by selecting the link from my blog.  But it is time for a little change.   I am a member of a few groups and I see such beautiful work from all over the world.  So I have decided to share the inspiration.  I will continue to post my projects, suggestions and challenges, but in between I will do Crafter spotlights. 

I will select Gigi's Spotlight based on what I feel are unique and creative entries. It may be a particular project that peaks my interest, or it could be your style.  Needless to say your work will have impressed me in some form.

I will showcase some of their work with their bio and information they wish to share.  I will consider all submissions, the final decision on will be the's,  submissions may not be posted as submitted, editing may take place. 

If you are interested in being  one of Gigi's Spotlight, please follow the criteria listed below. 

1) Like the Gigi Zone Paper Crafting facebook page

2) Follow my blog at

3) Submit a bio, a sample of you best work, and directions if you like to

Feel free to email me with any questions.

Thanks and I hope you will be in the spotlight soon. 

Craftingly yours,


Saturday, February 22, 2014

I wanted to repost this blog because I love this CTMH paper and I need motivation this weekend

If you are a following this paper looks familiar. I usually don't post the same paper but this is one of my favorites. So this is a project I created for a gift certificate. I love adding dimensions to my cards, so with the extra thickness it can be a challenge using a a envelope.

So with this project I decided to make a box to hold a gift certificate. Since this project would be hand delivered I could also make additional dimensions to the outside of the box.

When you slide the box open there is the gift certificate. Both the butterfly and the flower are 3d

This is a gift certificate but you could very easily make a card holder for a gift card and use holiday paper. Perfect gifts box for the holidays two gifts in one.

One last thing back to Second Chance Paper. These are no rules when you paper craft, I have found myself afraid to use the same paper as if it is breaking the rules. It's ok to use the same paper combinations over and over at least till you run out of the paper. If you like it that much there is a good chance the recipients will like it as well.

I will try to post something soon, maybe a Christmas card to keep in the spirit.

Scrappingly yours,