Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Bunny Easter!

Hi all,

I went to an upline meeting for Close to My Heart yesterday.  This was one of the cute projects we made.  They did one in pink with a bow, but having a grandson I brought mine home and did it in blue.  This is so adorable and it is just the right size to  put a little something, something in the box.  Of course I will be looking for a Chuggington or Thomas the train something.

We used the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge to do the cuts.  It is ovals, circles, a hart and an ornament cut.  Super easy to do.  the bow tie is my favorite cut for a bow/ribbon with the Artiste.

Here is a picture from the back.  A cotton ball for the tale.  If you look you can see there is a lot of sponging.  Now I have normally had trouble sponging, but I have figured out what my problem was.  I keep finding this more and more.  It is the supplies that you use.  I for one usually think oh it doesn't matter but I have to admit, Close to My Heart keeps proving me wrong.  I cut 1/4 of the CTMH round sponge and used it to sponge, it was surprising how easy and even it seemed to be.  But here was the test.  I wanted to sponge the nose black and I did not want to waste my CTMH sponge on just a little thing, so I used another round sponge I had bought somewhere.  I cut a piece and inked it and started to sponge the nose and the sponge started to crumble into pieces.  It left little specs of sponge.  YUK.  So here I am again telling you if you want to make quality crafts use quality products.

 Now here is the fun part take some liberties.  make it your own.  Bend an ear, make it all polka dot, put a hat on it.    This is just the starting point of your creativity.

So remember these things.
  • The basic is the canvas
  • Making it your own is the creation
  • Use quality products.
  • Order Close to My Heart from the (lol)
  • Have fun
I will be adding the other project we did soon.  If you would like the full instructions with cutting and size information.  Just ask.  email, post, or pm.

Scrappingly yours,

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You asked so here they are.

Bunny Box -  Designed by Tracey Sanders
Directions by Naomi Smith

White Daisy Cardstock
Blush Cardstock scrap
Hollyhock inkpad and sponge
3 D foam tape
Piercing tool
Black fine tip felt pen
¼ inch hole punch
2 Smoothie Bigger Brads - any pink that coordinates
 with Hollyhock ink will work – wiggle eyes are cute too.
2 Licorice Opaques
Optional - Paradise Paper Flowers and a large round sparkle
                    ribbon tied in a bow etc.

Cutting Guide:
Cricut Art Philosophy: - Cut all from White Daisy Cardstock

Handled Box
Cut 1 pg 23 - Shift - Font layer Fit to page (6 1/4 inches)
Cut 1 pg 26 - 1 inch <heart1>
Cut 1 pg 27 - 4 inches <shape 6>
Cut 2 pg 21 - 1 1/2 inches <circle1>
Cut 2 each

pg 32 1 1/4 inches <oval2>
1.8 inches <oval2>
1 inch <oval2>
1 1/2 <oval2>
Small scrap of Blush cardstock (2x2 will be more than enough)

1.       Assemble the Handled Box using a strong adhesive
2.       Cut off one tip of <shape 6> as shown in photo
3.       Using the ¼ inch hole punch, punch 6 circles for the paw pads
4.       Edge Sponge all pieces as desired with Hollyhock Ink
5.       Assemble as shown using 3—D Foam tape to pop up the cheeks
and nose
6.       Add eyes using Bigger Brads and Opaques
7.       Draw on the whiskers with the fine tip black pen
8.       Glue on a cotton ball on the back of the box for a tail.
9.       Embellish with flowers, sparkles, ribbon etc.
10.    Fill with flowers, candy, gift card, etc.