Sunday, September 29, 2013

Back to Basics 104 - America and a challenge! Repost

Honey & Honey Bees what is more American than that?  But this is a different challenge. I took a few sheets of paper, cut into different sized and created until my brain was tire.

So I took 2  12 x 12 sheets of each:

     Patterned paper doubled sided
     Dark color Solid
     Light color Solid

I cut these into different sizes, using a patterned from one of the CTMH instructions books.

Then I took a coordinating color of 8.2 x 11 and cut them in half to use as my base for the cards.  I put a few embellishments on the table, beads, flowers, etc.

Then I sat down with my glue runner in hand, mixed and matched papers and added embellishments.  After working a few hours this was the result.

Over 20 cards made, I did created some duplicates which are not in the pictures.  I left most of the sentiments blank so that I would add them when I needed to suit the occasion.

So now I have a good supply of cards on hand and should not run out for a while.

So what do you think?  Here is the challenge.  Try your hand at this, and send me your results.  I will post them on my blog. 

What a way to end National Stamping Month.

Stampingly yours,


Saturday, September 21, 2013

Back to Basics 103 Ireland

Ok, maybe I am stretching the Ireland focus a bit, but this is how I see it.  The wind at your back, the sun on your face, the rain on your fields, you know the poem.    That is what I see when I look at this card.

I think it is somewhat hard to find a vertical sentiment stamp, so if you see a nice one, buy it!  I stamped on the edge inside the card and cut the cover short. 

This allows the sentiment to be seen when the card is closed.  So I hope you have enjoyed Ireland, at least my take on Ireland.

Basic and simple, and nothing beats a good sentiment.  What's your take on Ireland?  I'm getting a little tired all of this traveling.  I think I better head home.  Next, last in the Back to Basics series for now we head to America.

 Back to Basics 104 America.

Stampingly yours,


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to Basics 102, Asia

Well the second installment of Back to Basics is Asia.  I don't know what it is but there is something intriguing about Asian culture.  Maybe it is the beauty of the people, the kimonos, the simplicity of life.  I really can't say.  I like to thinks it has something to do with their culture, you know, peace, tranquility, joy, luck etc.  So here is my interpretation of Asia.

I have once again reached back into my old stamp stash.  I have had these for quite a few years.  I do like this paper, but my original plan was to make my own.  I have a large stamp of bamboo and my intent was to use that stamp to make my own background paper.  But i saw this in my stash and thought this would be a good time to use it.  But never forget how easy it is to make your own background paper.

The three squares are attached by foam tape to give them height.  The words are stamped underneath.  I like this card because you can use it for many different occasions, Good Luck, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Friend or others.

Background printed paper on the card base, then a 2 layer rectangular strip, attach the letters and wrap a piece of raffia around it. 

Don't get caught up on having the same stamps, this card is versatile.  You don't even have to keep it to Asia, this could be any country with a different choice of stamps.  Or if you prefer to keep it Asian, use a fan, bamboo, panda bear or any stamps that have an Asian flair to them.

This is also a goo card to open either direction.

Card base
Printed or stamped backround paper
3 shades of corresponding cardstock

I think maybe we should head to Ireland, in Back to Basics 103. 

Let me see your Asia and I we can meet in Ireland next week.

Stampingly yours,


Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to basics - 101!

Well as many of you know I have been saying how far behind I was in my card making endeavors.  So while at home on my staycation I decided in order to catch up with a good supply of cards on hand I needed to get back to the basics.  What this means is back before all the exciting fancy things.  When all I used were stamps, paper and maybe a piece of twine or ribbon.

Don't get me wrong I love my Cricut.  but I need to really crank out some basic cards that I could use for any occasion and in a hurry.  So over the next few post I will show you these basic cards I created.  The exciting thing I did was use mostly old stamps I have had for years and hadn't used in quite awhile.

I was thinking of doing an around the world series, but stopped after only a couple of continents.  lol

 But the first continent was Africa.

In this card simple double layer on the card base, basic solid topped with a patterned piece,  the pottery stamp I have probably had for 10 years,  it is also a double layer and I have used foam tape to add height

Another advantage of a basic design is it is flexible.  This design can be easily altered and work for a card opening right to left as well as bottom to top.

Something I more recently have been doing is adding a graphic stamp inside the card along with the sentiment.  I think this adds a nice touch.

I also had a single pot that I thought would be nice using the same background paper.   Same exact concept, the only difference, was a used a clear embossing pen and added a copper tinge around the rim with a color powder, I think it was Perlex or something.

In this card I put a piece of twine on the pot instead of around the card.  I also used the same stamp inside the card.

If you don't have a corresponding piece of patterned paper, don't forget you can always create your own by using a large background stamp or using a smaller stamp and stamping it randomly to create your own background paper.

So here is what you cant get from basics 101.

Cards bases
1 sheet solid contrasting paper
1 sheet pattern paper or paper stamped with a background stamp
1 large stamp
1 corresponding smaller stamp
Hands taped stamp Sign and date

You will have at least 4 back to basic cards. Don't forget to alternate directions. 

Well in Back to Basic 101, we have visited Africa, I think in Back to Basics 102 we should visit Asia.

Don't forget to send in your back to basics card.

Stampingly yours,