Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to basics - 101!

Well as many of you know I have been saying how far behind I was in my card making endeavors.  So while at home on my staycation I decided in order to catch up with a good supply of cards on hand I needed to get back to the basics.  What this means is back before all the exciting fancy things.  When all I used were stamps, paper and maybe a piece of twine or ribbon.

Don't get me wrong I love my Cricut.  but I need to really crank out some basic cards that I could use for any occasion and in a hurry.  So over the next few post I will show you these basic cards I created.  The exciting thing I did was use mostly old stamps I have had for years and hadn't used in quite awhile.

I was thinking of doing an around the world series, but stopped after only a couple of continents.  lol

 But the first continent was Africa.

In this card simple double layer on the card base, basic solid topped with a patterned piece,  the pottery stamp I have probably had for 10 years,  it is also a double layer and I have used foam tape to add height

Another advantage of a basic design is it is flexible.  This design can be easily altered and work for a card opening right to left as well as bottom to top.

Something I more recently have been doing is adding a graphic stamp inside the card along with the sentiment.  I think this adds a nice touch.

I also had a single pot that I thought would be nice using the same background paper.   Same exact concept, the only difference, was a used a clear embossing pen and added a copper tinge around the rim with a color powder, I think it was Perlex or something.

In this card I put a piece of twine on the pot instead of around the card.  I also used the same stamp inside the card.

If you don't have a corresponding piece of patterned paper, don't forget you can always create your own by using a large background stamp or using a smaller stamp and stamping it randomly to create your own background paper.

So here is what you cant get from basics 101.

Cards bases
1 sheet solid contrasting paper
1 sheet pattern paper or paper stamped with a background stamp
1 large stamp
1 corresponding smaller stamp
Hands taped stamp Sign and date

You will have at least 4 back to basic cards. Don't forget to alternate directions. 

Well in Back to Basic 101, we have visited Africa, I think in Back to Basics 102 we should visit Asia.

Don't forget to send in your back to basics card.

Stampingly yours,


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