Saturday, September 14, 2013

Back to Basics 102, Asia

Well the second installment of Back to Basics is Asia.  I don't know what it is but there is something intriguing about Asian culture.  Maybe it is the beauty of the people, the kimonos, the simplicity of life.  I really can't say.  I like to thinks it has something to do with their culture, you know, peace, tranquility, joy, luck etc.  So here is my interpretation of Asia.

I have once again reached back into my old stamp stash.  I have had these for quite a few years.  I do like this paper, but my original plan was to make my own.  I have a large stamp of bamboo and my intent was to use that stamp to make my own background paper.  But i saw this in my stash and thought this would be a good time to use it.  But never forget how easy it is to make your own background paper.

The three squares are attached by foam tape to give them height.  The words are stamped underneath.  I like this card because you can use it for many different occasions, Good Luck, Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Friend or others.

Background printed paper on the card base, then a 2 layer rectangular strip, attach the letters and wrap a piece of raffia around it. 

Don't get caught up on having the same stamps, this card is versatile.  You don't even have to keep it to Asia, this could be any country with a different choice of stamps.  Or if you prefer to keep it Asian, use a fan, bamboo, panda bear or any stamps that have an Asian flair to them.

This is also a goo card to open either direction.

Card base
Printed or stamped backround paper
3 shades of corresponding cardstock

I think maybe we should head to Ireland, in Back to Basics 103. 

Let me see your Asia and I we can meet in Ireland next week.

Stampingly yours,


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