Saturday, November 24, 2012

Second Chance Paper

If you are a following this paper looks familiar.  I usually don't post the same paper but this is one of my favorites.  So this is a project I created for a gift certificate.  I love adding dimensions to my cards, so with the extra thickness it can be a challenge using a a envelope.

So with this project I decided to make a box to hold a gift certificate.  Since this project would be hand delivered I could also make additional dimensions to the outside of the box. 

When you slide the box open there is the gift certificate.  Both the butterfly and the flower are 3d

This is a gift certificate but you could very easily make a card holder for a gift card and use holiday paper.  Perfect gifts box for the holidays two gifts in one.

One last thing back to Second Chance Paper.  These are no rules when you paper craft, I have found myself afraid to use the same paper as if it is breaking the rules.  It's ok to use the same paper combinations over and over at least till you run out of the paper.  If you like it that much there is a good chance the recipients will like it as well.

I will try to post something soon, maybe a Christmas card to keep in the spirit. 

Scrappingly yours,


Sunday, October 21, 2012

CTMH Advent Calendar Cube!

Close to My Heart
Advent Calendar Cube

I have been working on this for a couple of weeks, not because it was hard, because it is incredible easy but I haven't had much time.

I loved this!  It was a super fun project and fast project.  So here are the basics.

You can order a workshop on the go kit for 44.95 and you can get everything you need except the Artiste Cartridge.  I have not fully blinged out my calendar, I still have more jewels to use.

You cut the boxes, stamp your numbers and put your borders on.

Now here are some fun tips, tricks and ideas.

  • Cut all of the drawers first
  • Score the drawers second
  • Work on the sequence of the colors both of the drawers and the boards
  • Then stamp the numbers, add the boarders and the bling
  • Lastly fold the boxes
  • If you have and imagine 2, Gypsy or use the CTMH craftroom you can flip one of the drawer images on your cutting mat.  Instructions tell you to cut two on each sheet of card stock.  If you flip one the scrap that is left in the middle is a large enough piece that you can make a card.  If you would like more detail let me know and I will try to find a picture to post.
  • If you are not a kit person or like to let your own creativity flow...
  • Buy the cube for 16.95
  • Use your own paper and bling
  • Use the cube for any other count down
    • 16 birthday
    • Valentines day
    • Vacation
  • You can count down anything,  the drawers are big enough to stuff with candy, love notes, jewelry and much more
What advent calendars have you made?  Please share. 

I hope this has inspired you. 

Scrappingly yours,


Friday, October 5, 2012

Holiday Bazaar

Hello All,

As you know time to time, I like to spotlight some of my customer's/follower's paper crafting art.  Well this time I'm spotlighting one of my customers, who will vendor at one of our local bazaars.  Drum roll..........Holly Kean. 

 Holly does incredible work.  She is creative and I love the way she layers and uses texture to add a dramatic affects to her projects.

Even though sh has used the same pillow box form, by using different colors and patterned paper she is able to create 3 totally different looks.

To enhance her work, she has used multiple textures, ribbons, buttons and bling.  If that wasn't enough she added layering for an additional touch drama.

Now for the Close to My Heart spin...the Art Philosophy critcut cartridge has a pillow box cut.  CTMH also offers a multitude of dimensional items, including ribbons and bling all in corresponding colors and patterns to match our paper offerings.

I hope this has inspired you, it has me.

If you happen to be in the Spanaway area or feel like taking a drive.  Stop by Spanaway Lake High School, Sat Nov 3, 9am - 5pm and Sun Nov  5, 10am - 3pm.  there will be over 180 vendors and only hand made items will be sold.

Thanks for sharing Holly and good luck at the Bazaar.

I hope you enjoyed. Until next time.

Scrappinly yours,


Sunday, September 30, 2012

"Get Acquainted with My Craft Tools Month".

Hello all,

I have to apologize for my absence.  I am on an intense project at my day job so I have had less spare time to craft.  But I am starting to get the creative juices flowing.

One of my crafting sisters on the SOC had a great idea!  She has declared October, "Get Acquainted Month with my Craft Tools".

So I have started,  I don't know what I am going to do, but I started with attempting to do some of the 3d items from the Artiste Cartridge.  I love the pumpkins.  I have to admit it does take some work getting comfortable with shaping the paper.
The most important thing you can do is score. Firm scoring makes the project flow faster and easier.  Using a nice patterned paper works well, however I am interested in trying with a stamped paper, maybe a monochromatic ink or something bold to really stand out.

I thought this was a cute Strawberry, only I didn't follow the scoring.  I use dental floss to gather up the edges and then put them through a button.  Although these projects look OK I think with a little practice they can be much better, I only did 1 practice pumpkin before I did all of these.

 Now this little box caught my I.  I thought it was the cutest thing.  Thank of the possibilities.  Party Favors, Wedding guest gifts and little surprises for coworkers or one of my favorite ideas.  A tooth fairy box.   Hmm, what do you think?

Well this is my favorite, I love not only to send flowers but to give them as gifts to friends.  I love the file folder box, it is the perfect size.  You could put a about 8-10 cards with envelopes.  What a cute gift!

So, here is my first exploration of getting acquainted with my craft tools.  Let see what else I can come up with for the next post. 

Let me know what tool you are getting acquainted with, send me a picture, I'll post some of them and we can all enjoy them.

I hope you have fun getting acquainted, I know I am. 

Scrappinly yours,


P.S.  I am working on placing a CTMH order, if you are interested in placing an order just send me an email.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Close To My Heart Artiste!

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the break. But I am excited about all the new things with CTMH the Artiste Cricut cartridge is so amazing. So I want to share. Our team had a meeting and we had a few projects. One of the cutest things was a bow, yep I said it a bow. If you look at the pic yo will see a red bow. It is made from paper, cut from the Artiste Cartridge. You simply fold so that the pre-cut holes line up and stick a brad in the middle. Yeah.

The small cards are a gift that fit into the purse bag, also cut from Artiste.

Next the Great Job card firstly the paper is beautiful, so the striped piece and the Great Job, where stamps, but the exciting part is the Artiste cut the shape out and the stamp fits perfectly. Woo Whoo! I love the layering and the two peals just really add a finishing touch.

Now if you are talking gifts, the blue is a gift card holder, also cut from the Artiste too cute.

Last but not least the birthday box. This is full of possibilities. Want to know the secret? The window is simply a square cut from a page protector. Always wondered how they did that. o this is how I spend Saturday morning.

Loved it! Fun! Fun! Fun!

Scrappingly yours till the next time.


PS If you would like to get the Artiste Cartridge let me know!

Monday, July 16, 2012

CTMH Artisie Cart

Hi all,

Sorry this post is not a project. I just had to show the new cart for close to my heart it is amazing! Love it. Here is a link to see the images. I will post more later. But if you are interested let me know.


Scrappingly yours,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My First Blog Hop!



and because Sheryl is a follower there will be an extra mini acrylic set.

email me your address info at



This is my first attempt at a Blog Hop, so I hope I don't dissappoint. Summer is the theme. For a lot of people summer is painted in pastels, for me, I always like warmer colors even in the summer.

So what I have done is create a series of cards using flower printed paper, matching solid paper, ink pads, stamps and a few extras. Most of the products are Close to My Heart and from the Pemberley series.

So let's get started, I hope you enjoy.

Five cards made from one set of Pemberley paper with lots left over. One of the things I find the hardest is the coordination of colors. Having a packet of matching paper really helped me I could spend time being createtive instead of finding color combinations. I still look for my own combos, but when I am struggling creatively this gives me a boost.

This was my favorite. The butterfly and set of 3 flowers were stamped and cut out. I stamped on patterned paper which was a new step for me. These items are also mounted on foam. One layer of foam tape for one flower and 2 layers for the other two, this really adds deminsion to the card. Save paper by attaching strips of blue to the outsides of the printed paper instead of overlaying the print on top of the blue.

You can use a tiny scrap to add layers as you can see the lighter blue strip. Always add a little demension, another 3d stamped flower with a little bling in the center.

This was also something new for me. I took a piece of patterned paper and cut around and used pieces. I liked using the tiny words, suttle but they make a statement.

Patterns, and patterns and stamps, oh my! I am learning to use different patterns together. I also think I am starting to like stamping an image and cutting it out. Unusually openings also add to the surprise element.

This card is a little more simple, but it makes a statement. The card is not made from printed card stock, the card stock was stamped. Love it. The other surprise, this size card is usually opened by lifting the bottom up, but this card is opened from left to right, a little different for a 4x6 card.

Here are most of the Pemberley supplies, I also used colored raffia, juke, and a few other sentiments.

I will be giving Blog Candy, if you leave a comment you will be entered into a random drawing to win. If you win and you are also a follower I will add a mini stamp set in the Blog Candy. The winner will receive a Close To My Heart my acrylics stamp set valued at 17.95.

Life is a Tweet! This CTMH acrylic stamp set has 15 stamps!

Since this is a SOC sponsored Blog Hop you also have a chance to win Blog Candy from the SOC, all you have to do is visit each of the 17 blog on the Blog Hop and leave a comment on each. Here is the list, have fun, enjoy these artist are amazing.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Outside the 12x12

Hello all,

I know it has been awhile. But hopefully I am back on track and can find more time. You have heard of thinking outside the box, well in scrapping I like to think outside of the 12x12.

As you know I am a CTMH Close To My Heart consultant, well part of my kit was the paper kit Stella. Well needless to say sometimes I'm a pattern just doesn't grab me. Stella was that paper. I thought the colors were interesting, but the paper and the pattern weren't peaking my creativity. It seamed to busy for a scrap page, so how could it use it?
This is Stella. This may work for you but I was having a hard time with it. So I decided to think outside of the 12x12. Make cards and not focus on the pattern.I made all of these cards with only one sheet of Stella! I used corresponding solids. Left the insides blank so I can either stamp or write a sentiment.

I love the CTMH stamp sets I used. So when ever your perplexed with a pattern, think outside the 12x12 and don't let the pattern control you, you control the pattern!

Please share your outside the 12x12 project.

Scrappingly yours,


Monday, May 28, 2012

Your Art!

Hello All,

Sorry it has been a while, but sometimes work gets in the way of paper crafting.  So I have a few exciting things to share.

 First of all I have been loving my CTMH, Close To My Heart products, but I really love free things and in the Month of June, if you buy 2 stamp sets you can get one free!

I will be placing an order soon so if you are interested in anything let me know.

Secondly, I always ask you to share your projects with me and someone has.  I have not done an altered project.  But I have a friend who used a candy box to create a really cute Mother's Day project Take a look..

Thank you, Lori for sharing!

Here is the cover, nice colors...

 Open the lid, isn't this nice, these pages are colored by using paper.

 This is so creative love the attention to detail.

I love the 3 dementional effect.  the flowers are made from a die cut.

I love the creativity.  What do you think?  Let me see if you have any creative altered projects.

Thanks again Lori!

Scrappingly yours,


Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Journey Begins, Art Philosohy, CTMH

Hi All,

I have had an exciting weekend. So I had time to look at my Art Philosophy cartridge from Close To My Heart. I love it! The shape I used this time has been a shape I have really liked for a number of years, I have seen similar shapes from other Stamp and Die companies. But the cost of them would have been at least 25% of the price of the AP cart. With 700 images, you would be so much farther ahead with the AP.
With project was big, I wanted to donate a couple of sets of card for a silent auction we are having at work to support the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life.

Here are the supplies,
AP cart Scallop frame in 3 sizes 3", 1.5", 1.75"
Heritage cart for Silhouette
Damask Paper,
Organza Ribbon,
Black Ink

So here is the front and the back of the card of course you need to sign your work. I made the box from a template I had, but the cards were slightly larger and didn't fit nicely, so I took another turn and wrapped with a ribbon. I used 4 sentiments to cover multi purposes. I made extras to keep for myself. This is something I am trying to do so that I have a supply to use when I need to send a card!

Let me know your thoughts. Thanks for stopping by.

Scrappingly yours,


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Just Flip it!

Hi All,

I got so excited I couldn't wait until I had a a project made with my Close to My Heart items, so here was my latest project.

A card for a friend.

This is what I call flip it. You may remember I did a K.I.S.S. project recently. I was animal print and stood on end. What I did with this cards was flip it so it opens up instead of to the left. Added a ribbon with a small bow. I embelished with a button and liquid glass.

You could dress this card up even more by adding glitter or additional buttons. But this is a K.I.S.S. project!

Thanks for stopping by. I'll be posting more soon. Have a great week.

Scrappingly yours,


Saturday, March 10, 2012

I did it!

Hello All,

Sorry this is not a crafting post in a sense, no project. But I had to share that I am now a Close
to My Heart Stamp Consultant! I have been thinking about this for a while, I have always loved their products. One of the biggest reasons is my first exposure to stamping and paper crafts was D.O.T.S the former name of Close to My Heart. So you may know just how long that has been.

CTMH just keeps getting better and better. One of the things that has me so excited is they now have a Cricut Cartridge. The Art Philosophy catridge has over 700 images. Can you believe it? Stamps that match some of the images. WOW! OK OK I'll come down. Thank you for following me and keeping me motivated to share.

So I hope to post again in the next week or two after I have a chance to look over my Kit. But know that I am thinking of you and I hope to have lots of exciting projects to share with you soon.

Of course you know I will be putting in a party soon, so if you are in need of something let me know.

Scrappingly yours,


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Sign It!

Hi all,

This is a quick post to share. One thing my daughter has always got on me about is to sign my work. I do not have the best writing and with my small stamps and initials, I just don't think it added to the card. I thought the back of the card always looked empty.

Some of you may know I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and also Gigi is my pen name for crafting. Well my daughter bought me a gift I would not have thought of for myself. She gave me 2 stamps.

This one with my pen name.

This one for my family and friends when I don't use my crafting name.

What a surprise! The best part is this will add the final touch on the back of the cards. What an awesome gift.

When you do a project you should be proud enough to put your name on it. I have a stamp that will do it for me.

Thank you Baby Girl!!

Scrappingly yours,


Sunday, February 19, 2012

K.I.S.S. Keep it Scrap Simple. Bright and Cheery

Hi all,
This was a quick card. I made a couple of them, one as a special you and one as a birthday.
Keeping the card simple and basic allows you to use the card for different occasions. Simply by changing the sentiment inside it can be a Thank you, congrats or a birthday.

Layering adds depth to a project, and a great embelishment never hurts. Buttons are amazing, they are enexspensive and that add the finishing touch to a number of projects. If I could change one thing about this card it would be to emboss the petals. I think adding mabey polkadots or a swirley embossing would have put this K.I.S.S. project over the top. Well maybe next time.

Let me see what you have as a go to K.I.S.S. project.

Scrappingly yours,


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Purple Surprise!

One of my bestie crafting buddies came over and we spent a day making these boxes, amoung other things. I made one that I used as a gift box for a pin. These are often used for photos,

We used wooden balls, purchased from Michael's and painted them. We used tham as feet and also as a knob for the lid.

You could place a small gift or gift card inside. You can also add pictures.

You can add pictures to both sides of the petals. This is cute and not to challending but the cutting takes time.

I have also seen this box done with the inner box off kilter and instead of pictures embelishing each side of the petals. If using embelishments you could use it as a keepsake or memory box. I will try that next time. It is a favorit of mine, but I save them for someone special. Try it out and see what you can come up with. If you need the measurements let me know, it may take me a little while but I will get them for you.

Scrappingly yours,


House Warming!

Hi all!

This is just a quick post, I just wanted to show you a quick card that I made for a sweet young lady that I work with that just moved out on her own. She was so excited she had been living at home while in and after college and finally got her own apartment.

I use the Wild Card cartridge for this it was quick and fairly easy which adds to my K.I.S.S. philosophy.

I purchased a Rachel Ray bread pan wrapped it and finished it up with a card.

She loved it and made Banana Bread!.. I did not have the cuts perfectly lined up. I still have to work on the sizing for layers. If you happen to have any ideas I would love to hear them.

Keep It Scrap Simple!

I'll be post one of the exploding boxes in the next few days. Be sure to stop back by.

Scrappingly Yours !


Sunday, February 12, 2012

ELMO cupcake topper

Cupcakes it is. I have finished the topper. The party was a success!

These were so easy to make. I bought lollipop sticks to put them on and they worked perfect. (the sticks were in the wilson candy making supplies at walmart. 50 sticks for about 3 bucks.

These certainely made an impact on the decorations. Elmo s Elmos everywhere!

There lettering was also done with the Elmo Party cart. I love this cart and if any of you are interested in doing an Elmo Party this cartridge is for you. It is so much easier than it looks.

Scrappingly yours,


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Elmo Birthday Party

Well it is here! My grandson's first birthday. He already loves Elmo so an Elmo Birthday Party it is.

I have to admit I was really nervous thinking I would not be able to handle a 3d invite, but my daughter loved them. So here is the results. I used the Elmo Party Cart.

I added the button just to give it some depth. I did have trouble with glue. I used a glue runner on most of it. I used tacky glue on the button. I'm thinking I should have used a stronger glue on the words, Elmo and the envelops. I embossed the yellow layer. I am finding that embossing can an extra touch.

The Elmo was so much easier than I expected. I did watch a YouTube video that gave great instructions on how to fold.

Score at an angle from the neck to the center of legs
Score where the legs attach to the body
Fold the arm behind and legs up
Most importantly when you glue the legs to the card, do not glue his little booty or he won't pop up correctly.

Adding dimension was helped by using a puff for the nose and bubble eyes instead of paper.

The finishing touch was the envelope that, I loved that it looked like an Elmo face! I used paper for the eyes and nose on the envelope.

I will be doing cupcake toppers and maybe some other decorations next. The part is next week so I better get to work!

Let me know if you have ever done an Elmo project please share.

Scrappingly yours,