Sunday, February 12, 2012

ELMO cupcake topper

Cupcakes it is. I have finished the topper. The party was a success!

These were so easy to make. I bought lollipop sticks to put them on and they worked perfect. (the sticks were in the wilson candy making supplies at walmart. 50 sticks for about 3 bucks.

These certainely made an impact on the decorations. Elmo s Elmos everywhere!

There lettering was also done with the Elmo Party cart. I love this cart and if any of you are interested in doing an Elmo Party this cartridge is for you. It is so much easier than it looks.

Scrappingly yours,



  1. OMG!!! this turned out super cute!!! I love the cupcakes, they look super YUMMY!!! You are such a awesome grandmother!!! Nice work Ms. Jetti!! Have a great week,
    Alice B.