Wednesday, December 11, 2019



What an awesome week I had showing my Unity Designs.  I hope you enjoyed the week as will.

Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

The winners are Lori Lien and Alyson Esposito please message me your mailing info for your prizes you have two weeks

Friday, December 6, 2019

GIU Day 5

GIU Day 5

Thank you, Unity.

This stamp set if very special to me, because this was when I first heard of Unity stamp company and it was my first purchase.

Being a woman of color, i long for stamp sets that reflect me and my heritage.  This set was a pleasure to find.  I do have to remind people just because we are of color doesn't mean we all dress in traditional garb.  We dress just like everyone else.  We sit on the beach, look at the ocean, have moments of solitude, think deep thoughts.  I was happy to see Unity's choice with this stamp set.

The strength of a woman of color.  We are the same, we take the burdens, we stand for what is right, we stand strong, we are the gatherers,  we start our journeys.  Just like all the other women.  Our difference is we do this while being challenged about our purpose, work twice as hard to be considered just as good , so we can be viewed as equal.  Most will not see or understand because as women this is not what our hearts are we are the nurturers, but this is how things are.

We women of color show our strength by also understanding that those views don't define us. We defines our selves, we reach out our hands in friendship, because we know this is where our strength is. We understand that it is the journey that make us strong. 

Thank you Unity for the stamp set and for the opportunity to be a GUI girl.  May you continue to be women of strength in your business, within your family and as you continue to create inspiration in you sentiments and to show portraits of women of strength in your stamps.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

GIU Day 4

GIU Day 4

Part of our strength is that we take the burden from all we know.  It overwhelms us, but we continue to take it.  Believing in our inner strength to take care and handle it.  To fix it, because we are the fixers.

But we need to realize as strong women we must also understand not everything is supposed to be fix.  Some times there really is a reason for the burden, for things to seem as thought they are falling apart.  These are the challenges that help us grow.

Part of being strong is understanding when to watch and take the opportunity to grow from an experience. And to understand sometimes watching and learning is the strongest thing to do.

Be still and understand there is a reason for everything and that understanding keeps us strong.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

GIU Day 3

GIU Day 3

Take the journey! You are a woman of strength.  You set your own pace, you now who you are.

You cannot wait to follow others. you cannot let others set your pace.  You must be the one to start your journey.  You stand tall with an open heart.  You hold the dreams of a mother, daughter, friend.  Your are the positive force.  It is through your faith and determination that your journey will be a success.

And when they look at you, they will see who you are, what you stand for and the light that shines in you and they will follow.

The strength of a woman take the journey!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

GIU Day "2"

GUI Day "2"

Inspiration is one of the most amazing things Unity offers with it's sentiments.  I wish I could own them all.

Staying with my theme of inspiration and strength for women I chose this set for day two.  I love that it is a picture from the back.  We do not see even a hint of her face.  This is important because beauty is in the eye of the beholder and no matter what our appearance right along with what lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared with what lies within us.

Let what lies within you be your guide.

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Monday, December 2, 2019

GIU Day 1

This week is all about Unity stamp and what I like about the,  I am this weeks GIU girl "Growing In Unity.  I will share my art each day for 5 days and my also my thoughts on Unity Stamp company.

Here is the exciting part.  If you comment on my blog site you will have the chance to win  25 random stamps from Unity!  Yes that is correct, 2 random winners from the comments on the blog at the end of the week will receive 25 random stamps from Unity stamp company. 

So here we go... GIU Day '!'.

I have never considered my self whimsical when stamping.  Although I love ferries I buy them but have a hard time actually using them.  I always think stardust, moonlight and stars, which is not usually my style.  However, when I got the Unity Ferry stamp all of the sudden I could think of an adventure that was not about stardust but about inspiration, which is more my style.

I like to inspire and remind women of their strength, for we are a force of nature.  Nothing can stop us.  We must dream big and go after our goals.  That is what my GUI week will be about. The inner strength of women.

When I reflect on this card I see a fairy who is a gathering in the woods to provide for her family, but knowing she is powerful and not only beautiful.  She is understanding the dream of what will become her future.

I know that is so overboard, but that is just how the Gigi Zone operates.  I hope this makes you imagine what your future could be.

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