Thursday, August 29, 2013

Customer Spot Light!

Spot Light on Lori Lein!

Lori and I have had many conversations about inspiration, use of paper and multiple cards with what is at hand. 

Lori has given us a great example.  She has used 1 piece of pattered paper to create 3 totally different cards.  One of the time saving as well as inspirational items I like to do is to take a color selection, add a patterned paper and create until there are no usable scraps left.  You will surprise yourself at how much you can create with a limited amount in front of you.

Thank you Lori.  If any of you have examples related to any of my blogs, please email them to me.  You may be the next Customer Spot Light!

Be sure to stay tuned, new post are on the way.

Scrapingly yours,


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