Friday, September 30, 2011

Sale! One of my favorite words. Only till Sunday

So here is the sale story.  Well everyone was buzzing on my SOC site about the new E2 which HSN was showing.  Suddenly the conversation changed to the Gypsy, and what a great tool it was.  It allows you to anchor your items so they touch or overlay onto an item.  But what sealed the deal for me was the thought that I could use it while riding in the car with my husband.  I usually bring a stack of magazines when we drive, we live out in the country and most things are at least 45 to 60 minutes away.  but, the Gypsy is portable.

So I searched around and found the best deal.  This deal is only good till Sunday. has the Gypsy combo and a free cartridge.  I only paid 8 dollars shipping and no sales tax for me.

The Combo you get...
     Silicone Sleeve
     Car Charger
     Cord for cartridge
     Cord for Cricut connection
     3 stylus pens
     Loaded with 2 Gypsie carts
     Destination Cartridge
     Free Cupcake catridge for spending 40$
     Total price was $99

    This is an outstanding price.  Hurry and get yours, Cricut told me it was only until Sunday.  I will fill you in when I get mine.

Scrapingly yours,



  1. I was so excited I have received it and hope to post this weekend hopefully I may also have a project to post!

    Thanks for commenting. Love to have you Follow Me. Have a great weekend!