Sunday, June 5, 2011

Are our social hobbies segregated?

I have often wondered why those who share our hobbies (I like scrapbooking, stamping and card making and my husband likes Flyfishing and Bow hunting) don't look like us.  Is it our location Washington State, or is it something else?

Maybe what we are exposed to?  We have always wondered about this but most recently It really struct me when a friend found a website and forwarded to me.  SOC  Scraps of Color.  This is a page where the majority of the members are women of color.  This was an amazing find for me.  You may wonder why?  Is it all about race, those of you who know me know better.  It is not it is about culture, our body shapes, skin tones, and our lifestyle,  To have stamps or graphics that show people who look like you and your family is nice.  it is nice to see yourself in your work.

But it still brings me back to why are our hobbies not more intergrated between races?

What do you think?

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