Sunday, July 31, 2011

Well it is Done!

A scrapbook created totally from things I already had on hand.  It is amazing the things you find when you search through your supplies. 

This feeds into my previous post.  If you can do a good job of created items from the supplies you have on hand versus going out and spending 20-30 dollars to do every project, you will be way ahead of the game. 

Needless to say this shows that catching items on sale or clearance pays off and you can afford to stock up on items this way.  Then you are always ready at the drop of a hat to create something without shopping. 

I have also found that I often think of doing things for friends and I never find the time to make a special trip to shop for needed items and if I do...I can never find what I am looking for.  So shop the sales, use what you have, and here's to shopping, scrapping and smiles!

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