Monday, October 24, 2011

I love my Gypsy!

Yeah!  I finally did a project with my Gypsy...Love It!

I want to give you the highlights and advantages of the Gypsy.

     a)   You can 'Layer' each step of your projects this allows you to put each paper color on a different layer which makes cutting easy.
     b)   You can see the entire project.  what your vision is before your start cutting.
     c)    You can see and adjust the measurements (size) at a touch.

I am generally not a Halloween person, but I have a grandson and a great niece, so I will probably find holidays as an excuse the craft them something.

Below is the Halloween card I made.

     Layer 1 had the frame and the leaf
     Layer 2 had the pumpkin and the saying

I really liked that I was able to get the correct size of the leaf by magnifying the display.  Normally I probably would had cut 3 to 5 sizes trying to get the correct one.

I love the flexibility of designing while I am in another room, watching TV or on the go riding with my husband.  This will ultimately save me time, paper and frustration. 

This is one of the best tool purchases I have made.  People should really evaluate making this purchase when buying any cricut cutter.

My only regret, not buying it when I originally purchased my expression.  Amazing!

Scrappingly yours,



  1. I love my Gypsy too! The Gypsy has so many neat features I love the welding and being able to alter the shapes on your cartridges! Not to forget that you have all your cartridges in one place!

  2. You can also hide some of the features of an image you do not like or want.

    You csn hsve more than one page in the Gypsy. This is very helpful when doing a layout. Hit that + sign in the upper left to get another page. Let the last page be your LO page size and the other pages your images and title. Move them around to get an idea how they are going to all come together as a layout. Than reposition them for cutting. If seeing all the page layers bothers you, you can hide the unwanted page by clicking on the eye at the top of the page.

    Have fun discovering all that the Gypsy can do. I got mine when they were first released two years ago and I love it.

  3. Have fun!! I told you that you were going to love it!!! I can't imagine using my cricut with out it!! My best scrapbooking investment by far!

  4. I so agree scrappin sista, I can't thing of a tool that has made such a difference for me outside of my sizzix and my cricut.

    Dakota, I should of had you telling me to buy it when I first bout my cricut. i don't know have I have managed without it.

    Suzyque I haven't tried the welding yet. I can't wait to create words and not just letters!

    Thank you so much for your comments,

    Scrappingly yours,