Thursday, October 27, 2011

My K.I.S.S. Philosophy!

Well we have heard the KISS philosophy mean a number of things.  Here is my philosophy.

K - Keep
I - It
S - Srap
S -Simple

So like many of you I get behind in my card making and then I feel like whaaa I have to get a card made.  So here was my solution.

I have a greeting that is high instead of long.  For my KISS  card, Start with double side paper.  Mine is chocolate on one side and cream on the other.   Cut a standard card shape, cut a strip off the cover for your greeting to display.  Cut a pattern paper to go over the cover.

This is card is not only simple but is very easily a masculine card as well.  Use your pattern paper to display the mood of the card and use you saying to compliment it.  Birthday pattern paper with birthday saying, baby pattern paper with a welcome baby greeting.

You can also turn this card so it opens upwards and you can use a wide saying.

By keeping a very simple stock card on hand you will always be prepared and you can still have the personal touch when sending a card without a long design time.

So KISS Keep It Scrap Simple...

Scrappingly yours!



  1. Nice card, tfs....I am queen of keeping it scrap simple, I wouldn't have it any other way!

  2. Thanks for explaining the details of your KISS philosophy... Scrap simple ~ thanks!

  3. Easy peasy! Thanks for sharing and thanks for the inspiration!