Friday, December 30, 2011

A Sizzix Blue Christmas!

Hello all,

So Christmas crept up on me and I had to come up with something quit.  Out of ideas so a perused the SOC site for some inspiration.  I found a beautiful card, it was blue, detailed and elegant.  But Christmas was coming fast and I had not time for details or elegance, so I went simple and blue.

I went to my paper rack and the perfect blue was there.  YES!  I had a matching blue ink pad CTMH Indian Corn Blue.  I had white card stock, envelopes, silver glitter glue.   I love my Sizzix even though I have a cricut (which I also have)  I would not trade my Sizzix for anything. 

I check my dies, and believe it or not I have Christmas Tree Bulbs and I find a embossing folder of snowflakes.  Everything is coming together.  I rummage through my stamp drawers and see what I have. Snowflakes but no saying.

So I visit walmart and find the perfect greeting, for $1.00.  3 stamp acrylic set only $1.00.  One last thing ribbon to tie the bow picked some up at Joan's.  I also had some dimension to add some height.

 I ran my paper through the Big Shot Express with the Embossing Folder then with the Die. 

Here are the results...

Well i stuck with this years model. Simple!

What did your Holiday Card look like!

Scrappingly Yours,



  1. Very nice card, I'm glad it all came together fast for you I would share but in the end I ended up using store bought cards that I bought on clearance last year. Next year I will start earlier.

  2. That is exactly what had been happening to me. I almost did it this year, but I knew I had to get back into the swing. What I did was go from 50 cards to 25 and since it was easy I could handle it. but next year I hope fore something more elegant and bring it back up to 50. Maybe I can get motivated and do a Christmas and July to motivate making Christmas cards early?

  3. Love your gathering of your supplies. Isn't it great to have most of what you need in your stash. That's why we buy all this stuff.

  4. Amen Dainty, I have finally stop feeling guilty about shopping. well not all they way. but I do shop with more descretion. Maybe because I feel like I have everything. :) I do enjoy crafting and having most of the items on hand. there is not better way to creaft, when you get inspired don't go shopping, just go to your work room and create! Thanks for the comment Dainty Diva!

  5. Great card!!!
    Happy crafting in 2012!!

  6. Very nice card Gigi! It really is nice when you can go "shopping" in your stash and make beautiful creations with it! You did great! If I told ya how many cards I did, they would revoke my crafter's card, lol. Definitely starting earlier this year!